Beverage Cylinders

Ensure your cylinder is always kept in peak condition by carefully following manufacturer’s recommendations for continued care and maintenance. “Luxfer offers an active, global “Safety First” program

As the beverage industry grows in Georgia over the next decade, so will the need for reliable and compliant cylinder testing. Rely on GCH to exceed stringent DOT standards when hydrotesting your scuba cylinders and to perform testing with your safety and well-being in mind. Ask for a quote today or stop by our facility and speak to one of our specialists. Luxfer offers an active, global “Safety First” program to help you use, maintain, inspect and test high-pressure cylinders properly. According to Luxfer, this program not only promotes safety, it helps lower liability exposure.

To watch “A Guide to Beverage Cylinder Safety” which provides an overview of general practices and procedures for the safe use of high pressure aluminum cylinders in the beverage industry:

To download the poster for “A Guide to Beverage Cylinder Safety” visit: