Scuba Tanks

Safe diving starts with safe equipment

More than 50 years ago, Luxfer developed the world’s first aluminum scuba cylinder in collaboration with the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, inventor of the original Aqua Lung®1 equipment that revolutionized underwater diving. Manufacturers, technology, industry standards and regulatory compliance have evolved since then, but one thing hasn’t changed; cylinder safety and integrity must be taken seriously.

Rely on GCH to exceed stringent DOT standards when hydrotesting your scuba cylinders and to perform testing with your safety and well-being in mind.

Ensure your cylinder is always kept in peak condition by carefully following manufacturer’s recommendations for continued care and maintenance.

To download the “SCUBA Safety Guide” for Luxfer cylinders visit:

It is the responsibility of the cylinder owner to maintain Nitrox suitability by keeping the cylinder cleaned and prepared for use with oxygen and oxygen-rich gas blends in accordance with regulations in effect in the country in which the cylinder is being used and by using only oxygen-compatible components with Luxfer cylinders in oxygen and oxygen-enriched applications.