About Us


Our mission is to ensure safe, reliable and high quality cylinder testing services and related products. We are committed to providing superior customer service, utilizing innovative industry practices, conducting business with unquestioned integrity and the development of long-term relationships.


We are committed to safety in all we do
Go beyond what is expected
Be professional in all we do
Treat everyone with respect, fairness and dignity


We strive to be the best cylinder requalification facility in our region. Our vision is to achieve this goal through our commitment to excellence, safety, providing great turn-around time and quality service. We maintain our standard of excellence in testing cylinders by investing in our customers, staff, continuing education, and maintaining our facility with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

GA Cylinder and Hydrotest, LLC (GCH) established operations in January 2015. GCH is a women owned company. GCH is a member of  the Georgia Association of Fire Safety and Equipment Dealers (GAFSED).

GCH employs six staff members consisting of operations management, administrative personnel, hydrotesters, sales personnel, and fire extinguisher technicians. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, and combined as a team, provide experience in hydrostatic testing from a multi-industry perspective including fire suppression systems, firefighting, fire and medical services, fire and life safety training, and PADI certified diving. We understand the significance of safe, reliable and accurate cylinder testing because we personally rely upon the integrity of cylinders to keep us, our coworkers, family and friends safe.

GCH’s conducts low pressure and high pressure DOT regulated cylinders testing onsite. GCH specialists provide maintenance and testing on a large variety of cylinders and can assist individuals and businesses with all of their cylinder testing needs.

Training requirements for the techs:

  1. NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers – GA State Fire Marshal Office
  2. Hazmat Training Course: Function Specific to the Requalification of Cylinders under U.S. Department of Transportation Title 49.180- General Awareness, Familiarization, Safety and Security Awareness Training as required under CFR Title 49. 172 Subpart H, by Hydro Test Products.
  3. UE Level 1 Technician from Digital Wave Corporation
  4. UE Level 2 Technician from Digital Wave Corporation
  5. First Aid in the workplace – GCH
  6. Customer Service Training – GCH
  7. Continued education from up to date DOT Specification
  8. SCBA life Extension Program and Testing – Digital Wave Corporation

All GCH License, Certifications, and Training are kept up to date each year.

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